Instant Glow TM

Have brighter and fresher skin immediately and no down time!

A combination of Microdermalinfusion (hydrofacial) and the gentle Blue Radiance Peel exfoliates and tones the skin giving you a radiant appearance. Combining this with the power of Laser Genesis we can stimulate new, fuller collagen. The Instant Glow was developed at NuImage and has become a Signature procedure for photo-rejuvenation with no down time and impressive immediate results; smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and reducing pore size.

Having a WOW effect, this procedure can be done the day of special events or even a wedding. There is no down time. The Instant Glow also provides long term effects smoothing lines around the mouth and eyes while also improving texture of the face, neck or decollete. This is also an excellent treatment for acne scarring.

Mini Glow is similar to the Instant Glow but limited to the lower face including the areas around the lip and chin. Titan combined with Laser Genesis and Thermi RF is used to improve or eliminate lines around the mouth. Deeper lines can be improved with fillers if necessary.