This non-surgical face lift not only lifts and tightens the skin but also improves tone texture, hyperpigmention, and volume, something a surgical face lift doesn’t do. For mild to moderate laxity, volume loss and signs of aging skin this is an excellent procedure.

Therapies are customized to each individual’s needs. Options include:

   Trusculpt, Thermi Tight, Titan or Kybella (deoxycholic acid) to eliminate fat in the jowls or double chin,and tighten the skin.

   Laser Genesis with Microdermalinfusion (hydrofacial) and Blue Radience Peel to improve pore size, texture fine lines and wrinkles can also treat acne scarring with no down time.


Microneedling with PRP-FM ( in our opinion an improvement to the Vampire Lift) or the ZO 3 Step Peel can be offered but has a few days down time. Micro needling creates small chsannels in the skin allowing the Platelet Rich Plasma to penetrate stimulating collagen formation.

   Voluma restores your cheeks eliminating that drawn or tired look and also minimizes the cheek folds. We are particularly careful not to over fill which can produce an unnatural look. Properly restored you will look more awake and rested with a softer glow.

   Juvederm, Vollure and Vobella enhance lips and smooth lines around the eyes, around the mouth and in the glabella.

Lips: This artful procedure is tailored to each individuals needs. As we age we lose volume in our lips and in some cases we loose the defining edge or develop lines that cause lipstick to bleed. Definition and volume are important but not overdoing it is also important.

   IPL 560 targets Rosacea. Most patients have remarkable resolution within 3-4 treatments. Complications are rare. IPL 600 targets hyperpigmentation in melasma, brown or sun spots. These typically occur on the face, hands, legs or decollete.

   Laser can eliminate blue veins under the eyes and diminish purple or dark circles. Laser can also treat broke capillaries on the cheeks and around the nose.

Nose: If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose, you are likely concerned with its shape or its wrinkles. Many patients come to us dissatisfied with a bump on the bridge of their nose or a curve or bend in their nose’s shape. Others are concerned with vertical wrinkles called bunny lines that develop on either side of the bridge of the nose.

Fortunately, both issues can be corrected with quick, easy treatments that can even be performed during your lunch break.

Chin This most commonly helps with dimpling or asymmetric and receding chins. We can also treat protruding chins

Upper eye lids: As the upper lid droops or sags  now theres Thermi RF tightens the upper eye lid to create a more refreshed appearance.

Any of these therapies can be tailored to meet each individual’s needs in a cost effective manner.