Veins - Legs, Face, Under Eyes, Hands, and More


Sclerotherapy is a treatment for spider veins (red, blue or purple) and small varicose veins or reticular veins. Newer agents such as Sotradecol and Polidochanol are much more effective than saline injections. Large areas particularly on the legs can be treated very effectively at a reasonable cost. Slerotherapy may also be used to eliminate large unsightly veins on the hands and feet.

For spider veins it is safer to use a laser to eliminate the veins. Unsightly veins under the eyes can easily be eliminated with laser. The purple discoloration that cause dark circles can also be improved with laser treatments.

Varicose veins can be treated in the office in less than an hour and is usually covered by insurance. In Addition, Spider veins may also be treated in the office in less than an hour clearing most of the spiders with one treatment, no need for stockings or limiting your activities. Dr. Derderian specializes in the treatment of varicosities and has been getting patients optimal results for the last 25 yrs.